Intercom & Public Announcement

Public announcement

Intercom and public announcement systems play an important part of our daily lives. From schools to sports venues to transportation centre to public buildings messages are meant to be heard and responded to. In order to make your message effective it is necessary to make your message intelligible.

PJS Systems has designed and installed over 100 public announcement K-12 school systems in British Columbia, several BC hospital PA systems, and PA airport systems in Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Prince George, Whitehorse and Calgary along with many community centres and sports venues.

With the emphasis on intelligibility and ease of use PJS Systems uses top name products such as Bogen, Q-SYS, TOA, Tannoy, Bosch and Biamp to guarantee your message will be heard loud and clear. From school systems with automatic bells and announcements to emergency evacuation systems with pre-recorded emergency messages PJS Systems has the engineering expertise and experience to design a solution that best suits your needs.

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