Lecture & Presentation Theatres

Lecture Theater

With the increased use of new technologies in higher education there are now additional technology-assisted techniques, which can be employed to increase the possibility of interactions occurring. Lecturers employing such new technologies while lecturing may bring into their engagements with students quite a range of devices, which have the potential to make lectures both more varied and in many cases more interactive. PJS Systems PodiumThese technologies can widen the scope of lecturer-student communication within the lecture theatre. They can also allow students to access recordings of lectures at a time that suits them through a facility of web-based lecture capture. Web-based lecture capture systems record live lectures and then make them available as web-based resources. In some cases such lectures are supported by other on-screen resources, which allow further possibilities with respect to audience interaction. Seamless design and ease of use are essential components in maximizing the full potential of these technologies so that lecturers and students alike feel comfortable and confident in utilizing the equipment.

PJS Systems has an impressive resume of Lecture Theatre installations in Universities and Colleges around the province. From design to implementation the focus is always on productivity and ensuring proper training to the end users.