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Higher Education 

Building the Classroom of the Future Through AV and Collaboration Solutions 

Theatre AV, Audio Visual Solutions in a theatre

Education delivery models are changing in Higher Education.  

The Hyflex classroom that emerged in the early 2020’s is here to stay, and PJS Systems can help you to design, deploy and support the audiovisual and collaboration technology that makes this new style of learning possible.   

Today’s classrooms are evolving in an effort to keep pace with students, who are now constantly looking to collaborate in new and meaningful ways.  

Universities, colleges, and other post-secondary institutions across Canada look to PJS Systems to provide the most advanced and reliable collaboration and distance learning solutions, all while keeping ease-of-use for the faculty front of mind.  

From virtual classrooms to immersive and interactive video communications, our solutions help you create an engaging educational experience.   

We have worked with numerous higher education institutions to upgrade the AV technology in their classrooms to leverage popular collaboration platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to expand their reach beyond the physical classroom.   

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