Control and Switching

With today’s complex systems the challenge is often making them simple to use. At PJS Systems we understand that if the system is too unwieldy then it won’t be used. With control system design we are able to make any complex system intuitive and easy to use for any end-user thus helping customers enjoy a better return on their investment while increasing their productivity.

PJS systems has designed and programmed systems that are fully integrated and operational from an Apple I-Pad, Crestron wireless touch pad or Extron touch display. Our designers build-in redundancy to guarantee that when you need the system it will be fully operational. With the many different aspect ratios and video resolutions on DVD, Blu-ray players, computers and websites our sales staff can help you with the proper video scaling equipment to make the picture perfect regardless of resolution or aspect ratio. We’ll also design a switching system that will allow seamless switching from several monitors and input devices. Want to simplify your system?

Call one of the expert sales consultants and we’ll guide you through the process.