Our Teams

PJS has all the expertise to tackle very large, sophisticated jobs through the tender process, as well as to provide design-build solutions for projects that range from a single small meeting room, to a facility with hundreds of digital AV-equipped rooms and theaters in a multi-location organization.

Our specialized teams of experts support every aspect of your project and installation.

System Design

Our system designers have years of experience creating tailored solutions to your requirements for video conferencing, digital displays, display switching, high-quality acoustics, graphic touch-panel displays, integrated room control, and public address.

Our designers work to provide cost-effective easy to use solutions using the latest network-enabled, customizable, and reliable components available today.

Project Managers

PJS project managers are responsible for managing your project from start-to-finish, ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery to our demanding quality standards. They are your primary point of contact for coordination, scheduling, project status, and change management through to project hand-off.

During installation, PJS project managers oversee the installation technicians, draw upon our in-house shop, programming, and documentation teams to complete the job, and serve as primary contact between PJS, the construction site managers and other trades, as required.

Installation Technicians

Our professional installation technicians some of the most experienced in the industry. They are trained and certified on all the latest systems and technology, and well-equipped with the tools to do the job right. Our installation standards ensure an efficient, top-quality, clean and professional job, while minimizing down-time and disruption when working in existing, operational facilities.


PJS has a dedicated team of programmers, experienced in creating custom solutions to your AV control requirements. Whether it’s creating custom graphical touchscreen interfaces, or integrating your AV systems with other automation systems in your building, our programming team has the capability to create the intuitive solutions you require.

Documentation & Drafting

Our professional documentation team supports all PJS designs, projects, and installations. They create our design drawings, signal flow diagrams, as-built drawings, shop assembly drawings, user manuals, and all other documentation that may be required to fulfill the job requirements, such as cable riser diagrams, seismic mounting specifications, and test reports. As part of our green initiative, documentation is provided in digital format whenever possible.


PJS has an in-house shop specifically equipped and staffed to pre-build equipment racks prior to site delivery. Using a dedicated shop team for rack builds ensures consistent, quality attention to installation, mounting, cabling and connections. It minimizes a significant amount of intrusive on-site effort, and can reduce re-work through pre-delivery testing. Overall, this process raises quality and contributes to cost efficiency on our jobs.


PJS has a dedicated service team focused on providing excellent after-sales customer support, warranty service, extended service, preventative maintenance, and general AV service for non-PJS jobs.
Our service team can be contacted 24/7 via a dedicated toll-free number, or direct e-mail. Please refer to the Service section for more information.